Data Center

Discover our product offerings tailored for the data center industry. Explore and learn more about the solutions we provide in this field.

Kehua Cloud Insfrastructure

AI+ DCIM Expert

With 10+ years of experience in Data Center Infrastructure Management,
KEHUA provides customers of various industries with stable data center
infrastructure solutions and highly secure cloud services.

Kehua Cloud Insfrastructure - Air Cooling

Kehua high Joiner (7.5kw-20kw) air cooling series provides professional refrigeration solutions for base stations and small and medium-sized machine rooms.

Track Busway

Track Busway has been the leader in flexible, scalable, and reliable power distribution. Its proven dependability and versatility make it the preferred choice in data centers, mission-critical facilities, retail establishments, manufacturing plants, and higher education buildings.

Huasu Tech

Gerchamp is an innovative high-tech company specializing in BMS battery management system and battery monitoring system.


DGP focus on creating Rack PDU and IP PDU. PDU series support various functions, including provide power consumption information, remote power control and remote power monitor through local current meter and network. Besides, DGP are also developing related products and integrating power management for commercial data center and industries use.


Vertiv’s DGP division is concentrating on power systems, specifically Rack PDUs and IP PDUs. These series offer various functions including power consumption data, remote power control, and monitoring. DGP is also developing related products and power management solutions for commercial data centers and industries.

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