250-1250 Amp Busway

The 250-1250 series of Starline Track Busway systems, renowned for their high amperage, power today’s largest mission-critical facilities. Offering overhead power distribution, it eliminates floor cables, promoting better airflow. Its continuous access slot facilitates easy expansion and reconfiguration for data centers. Field-proven for decades, this maintenance-free system provides customizable plug-in units ensuring a secure, constant power connection, vital for uninterrupted operations in mission-critical facilities.




  • System is rated at 250, 400, 600/630, 800, 1000 or 1200-1250 amps, 4 pole, for continuous duty at 600 volts (U.S.), 415 volts (metric); 1200 amp system is 4 pole rated for continuous duty at 480 volts
  • All systems offer selections of 3 phase/neutral, or 3 phase/neutral/internal ground conductor; select systems also offer 3 phase/200% neutral or 3 phase/200% neutral/internal ground conductor
  • Busway sections are joined together by maintenance-free, compression style joints
  • The same plug-in units can be used across all 250, 400, 630, 800, 1000 and 1200 amp systems
  • Tested to meet UL857 & IEC 61439-6 standards; ETL, CCC, NOM and VDE certified & CE marked for domestic and international use


  • Data centers/mission critical
  • Manufacturing environments; assembly lines and work stations
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Electric vehicle charging


  • Rearrange power connections to wherever you need them; no new cables or rewiring necessary
  • Simple to install with little to no maintenance required
  • Customizable plug-in units built to customer specifications
  • Patented u-shaped copper busbars ensure a continuous, reliable power connection
  • Optional integrated metering and value-added accessories such as server cabinet mounting brackets, infrared (IR) windows and cabling management accessories
  • Available in custom colors