G-TH WL Wireless Battery Management System

G-TH WL wireless battery monitoring system adopts a new generation of ZigBee wireless communication technology, which reduces on-site wiring by half and avoids hidden safety dangers of too many cables. It features convenient installation and shortens the on-site construction period. This BMS for lead acid battery is mainly applied in communication base stations, substations, enterprise data rooms, and other fields.



Topology of G-THWL Wireless Management System

Topology of G-THWL wireless management system

Features of G-THWL Wireless Management System

  • ZigBee Wireless Communication
  • Real-time Data Monitoring and Alarming
  • Advanced Low Power Consumption Design
  • High-accuracy SOC/SOH AI data analysis

Function of G-THWL Wireless Management System

  • Charge/Discharge current
  • String Voltage
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Cell Internal Resistance
  • Cell Voltage
  • Intelligent Equilibrium
  • Cell Temperature

Specification of G-THWL Wireless Battery Management System

Measuring content Range Accuracy Resolution
String voltage 20~800V ±0.5% 0.1V
Cell voltage 2V,12V ±0.1% 0.001V
Cell internal resistance 50~65535μΩ ±2% (repetitive accuracy) 1μΩ
Temperature -5~+99.9°C ±1°C 0.1°C
Charge/Discharge current ±1500A ±1% 0.1A
SOC/SOH ±5% 1%