G-BP Back-up Lithium Battery BMS

The G-BP backup lithium battery BMS is designed for green data centers, featuring a 2 + 1 level structure for comprehensive protection. It offers real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, and accurate SOC/SOH estimation, ensuring safe and stable backup power system operation.



Topology of G-BP Back-up Lithium Battery BMS

Topology of G-BP back-up lithium battery BMS

Features of G-BP Back-up Lithium Battery BMS

  • BMS system monitoring capability
  • BMS system control capability
  • Battery data support for grid integration
  • BMS software protection logic

Function of G-BP Back-up Lithium Battery BMS

  • Overcharge protection
  • Overdischarge protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Real-time detection of battery safety status
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Early warning
  • Accurate estimation of SOC/SOH

Specification of G-BP Back-up Lithium Battery BMS

Item Parameter
Cell internal resistance accuracy 3%
Temperature measurement accuracy ≤1℃
Temperature sampling cycle 100ms
Cell voltage measurement range 0V-5V
SOC estimation accuracy <5%
Cell voltage measurement accuracy 0.10%
Operating voltage range 9.32Vdc
Cell voltage measurement cycle 100ms
System voltage measurement range -20℃-+65℃
Voltage collection range 0V-1500V
Maximum operating humidity 5%-95%RH(without condensation)
System voltage measurement accuracy 土0.3%
System voltage sampling cycle 100ms
Thermal management mode Air cooling
System current measurement accuracy 0.10%
System current sampling cycle 50ms
Insulation state monitoring With
Temperature detection range -40°C -+125°C