G-BS for ESS

The energy storage battery management system consists of battery pack management unit (BMU module), battery cluster management unit (RCU module), system management unit (SCU module) and system display management unit (MM10 module). This lithium battery management system supports a maximum of 1500V energy storage system.



Topology of BMS for ESS

Topology of BMS for energy storage system (ESS)

Features of G-BS for ESS

  • 3+1 level structure
  • Online program upgrade
  • Support bidirectional IO ports to achieve automatic address coding
  • Multi-ports environment supervision devices data access

Function of G-BS for ESS

  • Battery information management
  • Cluster status monitoring
  • Cluster status analysis
  • Safety control and protection
  • Energy control management
  • Battery maintenance management
  • Communication port and protocol

Specification of BMS for ESS

Battery cell type Cell voltage Cell temperature Cell equalization
Range 0~5V Range -40~125°C
Resolution 1mv Resolution 0.1°C
Accuracy ≤5mv Accuracy /
Cycle 100ms Cycle 200ms
Channel 4~24 strings Channel 0~12
Battery pack type Total voltage Total current Insulation monitoring SOC SOH
Range 0~1500V Range -500~500A Range 0~50mΩ
Resolution 0.1V Resolution 0.1A Resolution 0.1KΩ
Accuracy <1000V (1%FS), ≥1000V (0.5%) Accuracy <1%FS Accuracy <3% (500~1500V and >600KΩ)
Cycle 100ms Cycle 50ms Cycle 8S
Channel Total positive/precharge Channel Large/small range/CAN Channel Total positive/total negative to pack case
Communication type Ethernet RS485 RS232 CAN
Channel Qty 3-channel Channel Qty 4-channel Channel Qty
Communication rate 10M/100M Communication rate 9600bps Communication rate
Electrical isolation 3820Vdc Electrical isolation 3820Vdc Electrical isolation
Support protocol Modbus Support protocol Modbus Support protocol