WiseRow small data center

Kehua launches WiseMDC series “Wise-M” modular data center to meet edge data centers’ demands for low latency, high bandwidth, and real-time computing. It’s designed for flexible configuration, integrating power, cooling, cabinets, and monitoring systems to save space and accommodate various IT equipment.



Reliable Performance

  • Provides sophisticated high-frequency rack-mounted UPS
  • Supports either N+1 or 2N architecture to ensure the safety and security of the power supply


  • Modularly designed equipment in a functional cabinet
  • 2-8 cabinets can be flexibly combined for future on-demand expansion

Intelligent O&M

  • A touch LCD, intuitively and clearly displays all parameters, states, records and alarms
  • Access the system remotely to check the running status anytime and anywhere by using a mobile APP

Green and Energy-Saving

  • The PUE value is as low as 1.5
  • Equipped with an energy-efficient UPS, with conversion efficiency at a full load of greater than 95%


Channel type Sealed cold and hot channel Sealed cold and hot channel Sealed cold and hot channel Sealed cold and hot channel