Per Outlet Monitoring PDU (POMO)

POMO PDU can monitor every outlets power consumption through web and local current meter.





  • Current Measurement: Measure PDU total current consumption
  • Mail Notification: Notify user by mail and SNMP when outlet action or current over threshold
  • Environment Detection: Optional accessory probe to detect temperature and humidity.
  • Overload Protection: When overload, breaker will be tripped to protect the safety of electricity
  • Event Alert: If current exceeds the preset threshold, PDU will beep and LED will flash
  • kWh Measurement: Voltage, frequency, PF, active power, apparent power and kWh measurement.
  • Threshold Sensing: User-definable warning and overload threshold value as the basis for alarm
  • Central Management: Free centralized monitoring software, real-time monitoring of a large number of PDU