UPS Software Solutions

Local View is the ideal software for UPS monitoring and shutdown on Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X. It ensures automatic system shutdown during power outages, preventing data loss.




The ideal point-to-point software for UPS monitoring and shutdown of Windows, Linux and MAC OS X operating systems. Local View is a software program for managing and monitoring UPS units via USB or RS232 is the serial port, which will automatically shut down systems in the event of prolonged power outages, thereby preventing loss of data and damage to the system in situations where the computer is not supervised by an operator at the actual moment of the power failure. Simple, immediately user friendly and available in various languages, the software provides clear, detailed and instant information on UPS status, making it suitable even for users with minimal expertise. Local View can be updated via the Internet, ensuring the very latest functionality is available and provide the maximum level of protection for computers, workstations, and servers.

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Central supervision system using Ethernet network, for UPS units equipped with WEB/SNMP interface. For system supervisors and technicians needing to keep large installations incorporating multiple UPS units under control, Socomec has the REMOTE VIEW PRO supervision program for Windows®. REMOTE VIEW PRO is a centralized monitoring program for UPS units operating over an IP network, simpler and less costly than complex NMS platforms, and able to provide simultaneous monitoring of up to 1000 devices equipped with WEB/SNMP Interface. REMOTE VIEW PRO can monitor all UPS using standard RFC1628 MIB file. REMOTE VIEW PRO will allow simultaneous monitoring of UPS units on a LAN or Internet across wide geographical areas, using just one screen, accessible via a web browser.

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