Li-Ion Battery UPS for MODULYS GP

Ensuring continuous power for business continuity in data centers is vital. The Li-Ion Battery UPS for MODULYS GP provides reliable backup power in a compact footprint, with an extended lifetime and reduced maintenance, addressing key concerns for data center operations.




Ensuring permanent power supply to electrical infrastructure for business continuity while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership is a main concern for data centers. Li-Ion Battery UPS for MODULYS GP provides reliable back-up power availability in a reduced footprint, with extended lifetime and reduced maintenance.


  • Maximum availability
    • • Very fast UPS battery recharge.
    • • Ensured scalability for power upgrades or redundancy.
    • • Reduced maintenance of battery components.
  • Extreme reliability
    • • Optimum performance in all critical operating conditions.
    • • Interactive UPS battery control.
    • • Embedded cell-to-cell monitoring.
    • • Wide operating temperature range (0 °C to +40 °C).
  • Cost-effective solution
    • • High power density in a reduced footprint.
    • • 15+ years’ expected service life.
    • • Higher cycling capacity: 10 times more than VLRA Battery UPS.
    • • Fewer cooling requirements.
  • UPS interaction
  • The ultimate solution for fuller control over system availability. The Socomec Li-Ion Battery UPS solution for MODULYS GP includes an interactive control system to check and manage all the Li-Ion cells’ parameters (i.e. temperature, voltage, current, charging status, etc.) and to dynamically adapt how the UPS operates depending on the status of the Li-Ion battery.

    The UPS interaction guarantees the most reliable performance and improves the system’s availability by:

    • • Ensuring proper control of the Li-Ion battery,
    • • Preventing any irreversible overcharge failure,
    • • Performing automatic corrective actions in case of any critical conditions that can affect battery performance.