KR-RM Li Series

The KR-RM Li Series is a transformer-less UPS with an internal Lithium-ion Battery, known for its high power density and extended service life, making it popular for modern applications.



KR-RM Li Series

KR-RM Li Series, online transformer-less UPS with internal Lithium-ion Battery. As the development of battery technology is progressing, Lithium-ion Battery, with its high-power density and longer service life, becomes more popular in nowadays applications.

The solution for

  • Data Center
  • Network Device

  • Built-in Lithium-ion Battery
    • ● Super-long backup time – 11 minutes backup time by internal battery
    • ● Wide temperature range – Tolerant for up to 60°C with no harm to the internal lithium-ion battery
    • ● Long service life – Up to 8 years of service life
    • ● More cycles for charge and recharge – Up to than 1000 times of charge/recharge
    • ● Environment-friendly – Lithium-ion battery is more environment-friendly
  • Compact Dimension
    • ● Space-saving, easy for installation
  • Green Power
    • ● AC/AC efficiency up to 93.0%, less operation cost and more energy saving
  • Rotatable LCD display
    • ● The LCD display easily rotates for horizontal and vertical application