50V10A Industrial Battery Charger For Small Substation & Power Plants

50V10A Industrial Battery Charger for small substation and power plants with high-efficiency, modular and redundant platform design, EverExceed recently developed 50V 10A industrial battery charger provides advanced charging solution for power transmission, small substation, power plants, oil & gas industry and so on. That new model combines reliability and cost-effectiveness from thyristor-based rectifier with proven microprocessor control technology to offer the best power solution for the global customers.

  • Brand: EverExceed
  • Nominal DC Voltage(Output): 50V
  • Nominal DC Current(Output): 10A
  • Battery Type: Lead acid batteries, nickle cadmium batteries, lithium batteries
  • OEM/ODM Service: Yes, customized service available
  • Certificates: CE, EN61000, IEC60146
  • Applications: Power generation plants; Transmission and Distribution; Substations; Continuous process industries; Oil & Gas Petrochemical industries; Rail transport

Technical Data

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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Key features:

Built-in isolation transformer Flexible customization Smart communication and remote monitoring
Filter more than 3 harmonics in the power grid interference to the system equipment, while strengthening the operation security of the system; Flexibly customized power solutions to perfectly meet customers’ requirement; through isolated RS485, Ethernet; full data logging;
Humanized design Ruggedized quality Multiple alarm and protection

Gated Lights, AC Outlets, Heaters are available;

Acrylic plate protection to prevent electric shock;

Built-in anti-reverse diode to prevent current backflow;

Equipped with dropped diode silicon chain to automatically adjust the load voltage;

DC over/under voltage/overload/ground fault/low battery voltage/mains failure;
LCD lights display the charger status and alarm status timely;

Built-in battery Industry leading technology Powerful performance

Flexibly customized power solutions to perfectly meet customers’ requirement;

separate battery slot and charger slot to fully compatible with all types of batteries;

High Advanced silicon controlled rectifier technology;
High MTBT and reduced MTTR technology;
Output L-C filtering;
Support reset function;
Support battery capacity test function;
Constant voltage and current limiting function;
Support equalizing and floating charge conversion, manual and automatic selection;



Applications :


Power generation plants;  Transmission and Distribution;  Substations;  Continuous process industries;  Oil & Gas Petrochemical industries;  Rail transport

Factory :




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