12-Pulse UXcel Premium Series Battery Charger

The EverExceed uXcelPremium® industrial battery charger is the flagship model, integrating a proven design with advanced digital control for reliable 12-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier performance. Ensuring trouble-free operation in diverse environments, it safeguards critical DC power equipment from interruptions with high reliability.



12-pulse uXcelPremium® Series Battery Charger

The EverExceed uXcelPremium® range industrial battery charger is the flagship charger of EverExceed Industrial Power solutions. It integrates proven design topology with the latest advanced digital control technology to control the 12-pulse thyristor bridge rectifier and provide the most reliable and trouble-free performances in any electrical and industrial environments. EverExceed uXcel® range rectifier chargers can continuously protect your critical DC power industrial equipments and operations from the damage of power failures and interruptions, with its high reliability and superior performance.

lead time:

Normally 4~6 weeks



Nominal DC voltage(Output):


Nominal DC current(output):


Input AC voltage:

Single phase 1×230V(220,240)/Three phase 3×400V(380,415)

Battery type:

Lead acid batteries, nickle cadmium batteries, lithium batteries


RS232/RS485 Modbus, TCP/IP Ethernet (optional)

OEM/ODM Service:

Yes, customized service available


CE, EN61000, IEC60146