SPM Ultra-Low Maintenance Gas Recombination Range NiCd Battery

EverExceed Gas recombination ultra-low maintenance Ni-Cd rechargeable battery adopts negative oxygen recombination technology and gas recombination vent plug technology, therefore, the water consumption inside the cell is ultra-low, which are widely applicable for electric power, telecommunication, mass transit, metallurgy, mining, lighting, UPS power supply and other devices as standby DC power supply, as well as energy storage power for solar and wind energy.



Brand: EverExceed

Model: SPM Series

Rated Voltage(V): 1.2V

Rated Capacity(Ah): 30Ah-800Ah

OEM/ODM Service: Yes, customized

Certificates: TUV; IEC; ROHS; DEKRA

Usage: Offshore oil and gas; Railway signaling; Fire and security; Telecoms; Utilities; Process control; Switchgear; Mass transit

Technical features:

  • More Environmentally Tolerant
  • More adaptable
  • Low TCO

SPM series performs in the most severe conditions and can operate over a temperature range from 0°C to +40°C. It can survive extremes of temperature from -50°C to +70°C. EverExceed SPM series has become the first choice worldwide for trouble-free standby power in the most demanding applications. Offshore oil and gas, emergency lighting, fire and security, telecoms, utilities, photovoltaics. You can depend upon SPM series for perfect peace of mind. It offers the most cost-effective solution for any application – onshore or offshore – where long battery life, low maintenance costs, resistance to corrosion, and total reliability are prime operating requirements.

  • Easy installation & storage
  • Pocket plate technology
  • Superior reliability

Compact and lightweight, SPL series is easy to transport and install. It can be stored for one year without the need for refresher charges. EverExceed’s tried and tested pocket-plate technology ensures no physical plate degradation and no sudden death with resulting costly downtime. It provides up to 20+ years of completely faithful service with no replacement cost and no downtime.

  • Maintenance-free long life
  • Assured quality
  • High efficiency

No water filling is necessary during the 20+ years of service life because of the controlled recombination and the valve-regulated venting system (topping-up is possible if required). It comes with authoritative TUV, CE certificates, and IEC62259 test reports. Gas recombination efficiency can reach 85%~95%, which reduces 90% water consumption.


Offshore oil and gas; Railway signaling; Fire and security; Telecoms; Utilities; Process control; Switchgear; Mass transit