PM 3512 Battery Charger

AC / DC Automatic Battery Charger

The ABC Series PWM intelligent 3-stage battery charger have an automatic multi-rate charging function which charges your batteries perfectly and extends the battery life. Suitable for any lead acid or lead calcium batteries within the specification.

Technical Data

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The solution for

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* 3 LED Display
* Short-Circuit Protection
* Overload Protection
* Reverse polarity or short circuit will activate a protection circuit.
The protection circuit or charger unit can still be damaged if the fault condition is frequently repeated. Reverse polarity and short circuit is not covered under the warranty.
* Automatic multi-rate charging function.
* Over load current protection.
*Fans are controlled by floating voltage (with 2Amp (12Vdc), 6Amp (12Vdc), 1Amp (24Vdc) and 4Amp (24Vdc), cooling fans are controlled by temperature -45C).
*Temperature Protection.
* Over Charge Protection.
* Charging curve selection
* High frequency and high efficiency design
* Charger for Lead-Acid Batteries


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