PM-1724 Battery Charger

Choose the right battery charger for your needs from our diverse selection. Check our Battery Charger Selection Guide for guidance. Sinetech offers a wide range of chargers and accessories, suitable for tasks like car and solar battery charging, available in 12V to 48V, and in portable or stationary options.




AC / DC Automatic Battery Charger

There are many different types of Battery Chargers available and all of them are designed for certain tasks. It is therefore important that you choose the correct device for your needs. We recommend you begin by reading our Battery Charger Selection Guide. Sinetech stocks a wide variety of battery chargers and accessories for applications including car battery and solar battery charging. 12V to 48V, portable chargers or stationary chargers.

The solution for

Powermaster battery chargers can save above 25% cost of main power. At Battery Solutions we stock Powermaster battery chargers.


  • 3 LED Display
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Reverse polarity or short circuit will activate a protection circuit. The protection circuit or charger unit can still be damaged if the fault condition is frequently repeated. Reverse polarity and short circuit is not covered under the warranty.
  • Automatic multi-rate charging function.
  • Overload current protection.
  • Fans are controlled by floating voltage (with 2Amp (12Vdc), 6Amp (12Vdc), 1Amp (24Vdc) and 4Amp (24Vdc), cooling fans are controlled by temperature -45C).
  • Temperature Protection.
  • Over Charge Protection.
  • Charging curve selection.
  • High frequency and high efficiency design.
  • Charger for Lead-Acid Batteries.