The Ultra-Isolation & Noise Suppression Transformer is a high-quality Dry Transformer designed for power supply applications with AC50/60Hz and voltage under 1000V. It offers customizable features like input/output voltage, connection group, and tapped winding capacity. The transformers are known for low loss, low noise, fire resistance, damp-proofing, and environmental friendliness.



Single phase

Excellent Protection & High Level of Isolation

The Ultra-Isolation & Noise Suppression Transformer is a Dry Transformer, which adopts high-quality material and advanced technology production. It is mainly used in power supply occasions of AC50/60Hz and voltage less than 1000V. All the input and output voltage, connection group, and capacity of tapped winding can be designed and produced according to user’s requirements. These products have low loss, low noise, anti-fire, damp proof, and do not pollute the environment, etc.

The solution for

  • Home/office
  • Emergency
  • Medical
  • Industry
  • Data
  • Center
  • Transport


Main characteristics

  • An isolation transformer is the best way to establish a new neutral-ground bond, in order to correct common mode and other grounding problems.
  • Isolation transformer provides excellent protection from all types of N-G disturbances (impulses, RMS voltage, and high-frequency noise).
  • Makelsan isolation transformers can be used reliably in the following areas: Medical devices, CNC machines, UPS systems, Ships and boats, Shipyards, Metal processing plants, Rectifier and battery chargers, Industrial machines power supply units.