XHP Sintered Plate Range NiCd Battery

EverExceed XHP Series nickel cadmium batteries depending on the full set of sintered plate production line and technology imported from VARTA Germany , have ultra high discharge rate ability and are widely used for the engine starting power of diesel locomotives, railway, UPS systems, AGV, light truck trains, DC cabinet, distribution cabinet, civil aviation and aircrafts.



Key Features

  • Best for generators
  • Superior reliability
  • Cost effective

Capable of providing repeated high currents more than 20 times of its nominal capacity to make short work of starting your generator, diesel engine, or gas turbine. These batteries are also resistant to electrical abuses and have no risk of sudden death. Vastly popular for standby generator use because of their higher recycle life, high-temperature range, low maintenance, and fast charge & discharge rate. EverExceed XHP series can easily repay your investment within 1-3 years of operation. On-going maintenance, unexpected downtime, and replacement costs are completely eliminated as well.

  • Temperature advantage
  • High energy density
  • Long service life

Because of the extraordinary temperature advantage and wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +70°C) of XHP NiCd batteries over automobile starting lead-acid batteries, the reliability of the generator increases significantly for data centers, hospitals, telecom BTS sites, etc. They have a slightly smaller footprint than automobile starting lead-acid batteries due to their high energy density. This translates into cost savings based on the value of space in the Generator room. The built-in reliability of sintered technology and alkaline electrolyte provides up to 20+ years of cost-effective trouble-free service.

  • Original equipment or replacement
  • Future-proof construction
  • Prolonged warranty

From a broad range of sizes, weights, and performances available, EverExceed XHP series can perfectly meet your requirement for guaranteed power. The super steel structure and tough polypropylene casing non-corrosive materials confidently outperform automobile starting lead-acid batteries by more than 10 years. Comes with a 5-year long warranty.


  • Engine starting
  • Diesel generator starting
  • UPS
  • Rolling stock
  • Automatic Guided vehicles (AGV)
  • Trucks
  • Railway, etc.