PzS/PzB Series

As the forklift brand under Sacred Sun, PowerCan boasts over 18 years of expertise in product research, development, production, operation, and maintenance. Dedicated to a people-oriented philosophy and grounded in science and technologies, PowerCan delivers comprehensive products and power solutions, ensuring customers receive high-quality products and services for a mutually beneficial future.




As the forklift brand of Sacred Sun, PowerCan has more than 18 years of product research, development, production, operation, and maintenance experience. PowerCan works out complete products and power solutions to provide customers with high-quality products and services as well as a win-win future in line with the people-oriented philosophy and based on science and technologies.


  • Higher capacity in the same space provided by customers
  • Higher discharge efficiency
  • Longer operating time and higher reliability
  • Mature, complete and strictly implemented technical process
  • Size and capacity in compliance with European DIN and BS standards
  • Longer service lifetime


PowerCan high-quality forklift batteries are widely used in Linde forklift, Hangzhou forklift, Modern forklift, TOYOTA forklift, TCM forklift, Komon forklift, Komatsu forklift, Hester forklift, and other imported forklift trucks. At the same time, PowerCan also provides relevant original accessories for users, including a connecting bar, water-adding system and trolley, battery car, charger, etc. PowerCan has also developed a leading technology free maintenance electric forklift gel battery, FullGel PzV series. The series of forklift batteries do not need water and no acid mist. It is suitable for bio-pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and other industries with high environmental protection requirements. It is widely used in low and medium load conditions.