GFM-C Series

The GFM-C Series VRLA Batteries offer a range of benefits, including long life according to EUROBAT Classification, high discharge performance, 99%+ gas recombination efficiency, maximum charge efficiency, and a low self-discharge rate. The batteries support horizontal installation, providing flexibility in deployment. Designed for various applications, they find utility in telecom, UPS, emergency power, and power systems. Complying with international standards such as IEC 60896-21/22, JIS C8704-1/2, and EUROBAT guide, these batteries assure quality and reliability.



GFM-C Series VRLA Batteries


  • Long life according to EUROBAT Classification
  • High discharge performance
  • 99%+ gas recombination efficiency
  • Maximum charge efficiency
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Horizontal installation

  • Telecom
  • UPS
  • Emergency power
  • Power system

  • IEC 60896-21/22
  • JIS C8704-1/2
  • EUROBAT guide