Myria Series 60-200kVA

Enhance your dependable, intelligent, and agile UPS system designed for data centers and various industries such as finance, telecom, education, transportation, and medical sectors.



Online Transformer-less UPS Myria Series 60-200kVA

Modify Your Reliable Intelligent and Agile UPS system

Designed for data center and industries of finance, telecom, education, transportation, medical etc.


  • High Reliability
    • • Wide input voltage and frequency range with high grid adaptability and prolong battery life.
    • • Separate internal air channel improves component service life and UPS reliability.
    • • High overload capacity on inverter and bypass.
    • • Dual DSP control prevents single failure point and increases performance.
    • • Intelligent fan control and redundant design.
    • • Integrated with input, output, bypass breaker, and manual bypass switch for better protection of the system.
    • • All-round conformal coating to all PCB boards, protecting electronics from environmental effects and corrosion.
    • • Lithium battery compatible.
  • Intelligent Management
    • • Fault Trace Management (FTM) for convenient failure analysis.
    • • 3-stage battery charging prolongs the service life of batteries.
    • • Intelligent battery management and multiple settings allow customers to replace faulty batteries.
    • • Key components pre-alarm function for system fault precaution.
    • • Full asset management records spare parts replacement, timeline, and service people.
  • Green Power
    • • Advanced IGBT and three-level technology for low harmonic, high efficiency, and effective energy-saving.
    • • High power density design, small footprint for saving installation space.
    • • High input power factor and low Input THDi for less grid pollution and costs.
    • • AC/AC efficiency up to 96.5% and ECO mode efficiency up to 99.2% for cost reduction.
    • • W-ECO mode with 98.5% efficiency, THDi below 5%, and transfer time below 4ms to reduce TCO.
  • User-friendly Interface
    • • User-friendly double physical ON/OFF button design.
    • • User-friendly graphical interface with Single-line mimic diagram.
    • • Colorful 4.3″ and 7″ touch screen with LED Indicators for comprehensive and visualized information display.
    • • Multicolor LED bar for quick and easy detection of the system status and simplified troubleshooting.
    • • Multi-language build-in display with Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Korean.