KR11 Plus Series

The power system features online double conversion, wide input voltage range, IGBT inverter, and advanced battery charging. Optionally, it includes no-master-slave parallel technology for added flexibility.



Battery Features

Highly reliable professional valve-controlled sealing design can effectively ensure that the battery is free from leakage (leakage), acid mist, and corrosion. The gas generated during charging is basically recovered and reduced to electrolyte, so there is no need to add water, supplement liquid, and measure the specific gravity of the electrolyte, which has a long service life.


  • Green Power
    • ● Input power factor up to 0.996, low THDi (< 5%), decrease pollution to city power
    • ● AC/AC efficiency up to 95%, energy-saving and low carbon emission
    • ● Compliance with RoHS standard, innocuous and environmentally friendly
    • ● Design in accordance with International EMC and Safety standard
  • Outstanding Profitability
    • ● Minimum 0.05m2 footprint, save delivery cost and easy for installation
  • Excellent Flexibility
    • ● Output voltage and ECO mode are selectable via LCD
    • ● 1~8A charging current settable via software (6-10KVA)
    • ● Batteries quantity are settable (16/17/18/19/20 for 6-10kVA)
    • ● Maintenance bypass for 6-10KVA (option)
    • ● Battery disconnection alarm (option)
    • ● SNMP or RS485+dry contact (option)
    • ● Charging voltage temperature compensation (option)