Charger Remote Control And Monitoring System

The EverExceed RCM system provides outstanding remote control and management functions via PC, mobile, and laptop terminals. This enables efficient, safe, and intelligent monitoring and control of the charger’s operational status.



EverExceed Charger RCM System

EverExceed charger RCM system has very excellent remote control and remote management functions via PC, mobile and laptop terminals, therefore, the charger operation status can be controlled and monitored efficiently, safely and intelligently.



EverExceed charger RCM system use the cutting-edge remote connection technology, and the breakthrough devices. The most distinctive advantages of EverExceed RCM system over traditional remote connection device are as follows:

Features Traditional Remote Connection EverExceed RCM System
Connection Diagram See below blue color diagram See below green dash line diagram
Network Configuration Connection to computer shall pass many firewalls, need many network settings No need to set network
VPN Usage Computer and charger can connect to nominated VPN server to exchange data Connection is impossible for the device connected by more than two routers
IT Coordination Must set network or router, so coordination with IT dept. is more important Can connect smoothly to remote control for device connected by multiple routers
WAN IP Support One WAN IP only supports one device connection One WAN IP can support multiple device connections