50VDC 10A Rectifier UXcel Mini Thyristor Battery Charger

EverExceed 50V10A battery chargers specially designed by considering to the requirements of high flexibility and intelligence in power system. It combines reliability from naturally cooled thyristor-based rectifier with proven microprocessor control technology to offer the best performances in any electrical and environmental conditions. It’s suitable for charging VRLA sealed lead acid as well as maintenance free nickel-cadmium batteries.

  • Brand:EverExceed

Technical Data

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  • Technical features:

    >Microcontroller based charger >Touch screen display >Manual and automatic switching
    >Programmable float/boost charge change over >Constant voltage and current limited >Alarm and history event and download
    >Very high reliability with thyristors and natural cooling >Mains transformer with separate windings >Mains input with contactor
    >Battery inside cabinet optional >Easy Maintenance >Input and output MCB protection


    Protection and alarm
    • Overload/short circuit
    • Input and output fuse or breaker
    • Over temperature protection
    • Over DC voltage/under DC voltage
    • Ground alarm
    • Dropping diode(optional)
    • Mains on / Manual
    • Run / Mains fault
    • BAT MCB on / Load MCB on
    • Float / Boost
    • Ground fault
    • Dropping diode(optional)


    Power generation plants;  Transmission and Distribution;  Substations;  Continuous process industries;  Oil & Gas Petrochemical industries;  Rail transport



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