10-1200kVA PowerChampion Series Industrial UPS


PowerChampion Series Low Frequency Industrial UPS is a configurable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that offers true industrial modular architecture and maximized power performance. It combines conservative design (SCR) with battery management system and proven digital control to ensure the utmost reliability in any electrical and environmental conditions.

The system consists of rectifier/ charger, inverter, static bypass, maintenance bypass, rectifier isolation transformer, inverter isolation transformer, bypass line isolation transformer, automatic line stabilizer, DC distribution, AC distribution, controls and monitoring. The AC output of the inverter is connected to the critical load, the storage battery is connected between the inverter input and rectifier/ charger output through a battery isolation MCB. The normal AC input power is connected to the rectifier; the bypass circuit also takes power from the same power source to provide power for the critical load during bypass operation when the system is in maintenance mode.