Myria Series 60-200kVA

Online Transformer-less UPS Myria Series 60-200kVA

Modify Your Reliable Intelligent and Agile UPS system

Designed for data center and industries of finance, telecom, education, transportation, medical etc.

Technical Data

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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High Reliability

• Wide input voltage and frequency range with high grid adaptability and prolong battery life.
• Separate internal air channel which hot air drives directly towards heat sink without distressing the PCB’s and other internal sensitive         components, improving the components service life and UPS reliability
• High overload capacity on inverter and bypass
• The most advanced and dual DSP control prevents single failure point and increase performance.
• Intelligent fan control and redundant design: 15% load can be driven when 2 fans fail and 40% load when 1 fan fails
• Integrated with input,output,bypass breaker and manual bypass switch for better protection of system.
• All-round conformal coating to all PCB boards, protect electronics from environmental effection and corrosion.
• Lithium battery compatible

Intelligent Management

• Fault Trace Management (FTM) for convenient failure analysis (waveform record before & after of the fault point for 200ms) which easily figure out faulty point.
• 3 stage battery charging prolong the service life of batteries
• Intelligent battery management and mutiple setting, ±14~±24 pcs batteries per string allow customers to get the faulty battery out instead of replacing it
• Key components pre-alarm function which precaution the system fault and remind service for key components, like capacitor, fan.
• Full asset management record the spare parts replacement, timeline and service people.

Green Power

• Advanced IGBT and three level technology, Low harmonic, high efficiency, effectively energy-saving.
• High power density design, which small footprint on 100KW only 0.38m² for saving installation space.
• High input power factor up to 0.99 and low Input THDi: < 3.0% at full load, much less grid pollution and costs
• AC/AC efficiency up to 96.5% and 30% load up to 95% efficiency reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs
• ECO mode efficiency up to 99.2% lead to significant cost reduction
• W-ECO mode could reach 98.5% efficiency, THDi below 5% and transfer time below 4ms to reduce TCO.

User-friendly Interface

• User-friendly double physical ON/OFF button design to avoid false operation.
• User-friendly graphical interface with Single-line mimic diagram showing system status.
• Colorful 4.3″ and 7″ touch screen with LED Indicators, ensure comprehensive and visualized information display.
• Multicolor LED bar allowing quick and easy detection of the system status and simplified troubleshooting.
• Multi-language build-in display with Chinese, English, French,Spanish,Italian,Polish, Russian,Korean.


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