KR11-J Plus Series

KR smart high frequency online UPS (1-10kVA)

The KR smart high frequency online UPS uses full digital control technology and the latest high frequency converter technology and has high efficiency, high power factor and other advantages. It has significant energy savings and greatly reduces operation costs. It has integrated functions such as AC regulation, backup power supply, surge protection, and other functions to provide protection to equipment in harsh power grid environments and provide clean, safe, and stable power to loads.

The solution for

·  Network Device
·  Medical
·  Data center

Technical Data

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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Green Power

● AC/AC efficiency up to 95.5%, less operation cost and more energy saving
● Output power factor up to 1.0 (optional), more powerful to connect more critical loads
● Input PF >0.996 and THDi <5%, less power pollution and lower TCO

Flexible Rear Panel Configuration

● Dry contact kits and SNMP are optional
● Selectable output sockets
● External battery pack port available

User-friendly and Easy-shift LCD Display

● Intelligent RS232+USB+EPO
● ECO function
● Selectable output sockets
● Rack and tower convertible
● Suitable for vertical/horizontal installation
● External battery bank, rack kits (optional)


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