HRL Series


Sacred Sun HRL batteries adopt new appearance and constructure design, automaticly welding+through the partition welding+heat sealing technology, full automatic production process with good consistency. It has excellent high power discharge, long floating backup time and fast charging performance. It can be widely used in data center, UPS, IDC room.

Technical Data

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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● Very long life according to EUROBAT Classification
● High power density, 30% higher than ordinary batteries
● Special lead paste formula and additives improve the battery service life
● Maximum charge efficiency
● Low self-discharge rate
● Wide range of power, easy sizing of batteries
● Easy installation and handling


● Data center         ● UPS        ● IDC room        ● Emergency power       ● HVDC system


● IEC 60896-21/22      ● JIS C8704-1/2     ● EUROBAT guide


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