Resilient transformer-based power protection
Three/three phase UPS from 80 to 200 kVA

The solution for

• Industry
• Processes
• Infrastructure
• Healthcare
• Service sector
• Telecommunications

Technical Data

Our approach is distinctly innovative. We constantly seek new ways to increase client

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High quality power supply

• Permanent operation in VFI mode (online double conversion).
• Output voltage precision under all load conditions.
• High overload capacity to withstand abnormal load conditions.
• A very high short-circuit current capacity which facilitates the selection of protective devices for selectivity in the downstream distribution.
• An isolation transformer installed on the inverter output to ensure complete galvanic isolation between DC circuit and load output. This insulation also provides a separation between the two inputs when they are supplied by different sources.
• Sinusoidal ThdU output voltage < 2 % with linear loads and < 4 % with non-linear loads.

High availability

• Field-proven technology.
• Fault-tolerant architecture with redundancy of basic functions, such as the ventilation system.
• Easy maintainability reduces MTTR thanks to pull-out sub-assemblies and front access all components.
• Accurate diagnostics guarantee power supply to the load.
• Cascade failure prevention for parallel systems.
• Mechanical & electrical robustness for industrial environments.
• Soft start capability (ramp up) of the IGBT inverter allows a good operation even with a genset.
• Specifically designed to be adapted to different industrial environment: high IP protection options, high peak current capability, long back up time…

Cost-effective equipment

• The “clean” IGBT rectifier allows:
– a high efficiency,
– a high and constant input power factor,
– a low THDi.
These characteristics help to limit the dimensions of upstream network infrastructure.
• Possibility to create new neutral system without additional losses (extra transformer required on by-pass line only).
• High short-circuit capability simplifies downstream protective devices.
• High power density: its small footprint saves space on your premises.
• Mains connection of the rectifier requires only 3 cables (no neutral).
• Battery connection to UPS requires only 2 cables.

User-friendly operation

• A control panel with graphic display for more ergonomic operation.
• An array of “com-slot” plug-in communication interfaces, for upgrading your operating requirements evolution.

Simplified maintenance

• An advanced diagnostic system.
• A remote access device connected to the remote maintenance centre.
• Easy access to subassemblies and components, facilitating tests and reducing maintenance time (MTTR).

Parallel systems

• Distributed or centralized bypass for parallel architecture up to 6 units.
• Redundant systems (“1+1” and “n+1”).
• “2n” architecture with Static Transfer Systems.

Standard electrical features

• Slots for 3 communication cards.
• Backfeed protection: detection circuit.
• Standard interface:
– 3 inputs (emergency stop, generating set, battery protection),
– 4 outputs (general alarm, back-up, bypass, preventative maintenance needs).

Electrical options

• EBS (Expert Battery System)(2).
• ACS synchronisation system for 2n architecture.
• Redundant electronic power supplies.
• Hot plug option (increase the power keeping the load supplied in double conversion).
• Long back up time rectifier.

Mechanical options

• Reinforced IP protection degree.
• Dust filters.
• Fan redundancy with failure detection.
• Top entry connection.
• Reinforced IP protection up to IP52.

Communication options

• GTS (Graphic Touch Screen).
• ADC interface (configurable voltage-free contacts).
• BACnet/IP interface.
• NET VISION: professional WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and shutdown management of several operating systems.
• 3 extra slots for communication cards.

Remote monitoring service

• LINK-UPS, remote monitoring service that connects your UPS to your Critical Power specialist 24/7


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